Astrological Compatibility

I’d like to make an astrological dating suggestion (applicable to ALL relationships actually related to compatibility and understanding others… (it’s called Synastry, in astrology)… 

This will help you understand how a person acts, thinks, operates… so you can better know their strengths and potential weaknesses, which are rooted in their astrology… An Astrology Natal Chart (Birth chart) is a Blueprint to your Soul… it really helps you understand people 

Each zodiac sign is associated with an element (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) and a Modality (Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed)…. 


– Cardinal signs are “starters”… get things going. Think of a sprinter out of the gate with a burst of energy… (known to lose momentum after things get started… ready to pass on to next)
– Mutable signs are malleable and flexible and adjustable to different situations, go with the flow…
– Fixed signs don’t like to change. They can be stubborn and find comfort in routine and security, they do not like changes… (great, dependable worker bees, dependable, reliable)… 


– Fire signs: passionate, action oriented sign often expressive and bold and simply “fiery”…
– Air signs are the thinkers and the intellectuals/cerebral people who’s mind is always going and yearns to understand and know and learn 
– Earth signs are grounded and stable, they like stability, dependability, rational understanding, material comfort and rewards. Tangible evidence
– Water signs rule emotions… They feel things deeply

There are Ten planets which are in charge of different parts of your personality. For example: 

– Sun represents your sense of self, the core essence of who you are
– Your Ascendant is known as your “Rising sign”, which is how the world sees you at first impression… it’s how you present to the world… the mask you wear…. 
– Mercury rules how you communicate
– Saturn is the planet of discipline and structure
– Moon rules your emotions and how you are at your most vulnerable and your shadow side 
– Venus represents Love

Each planet has a different “personality” which is the associated zodiac sign.

So, my Sun is Libra (Cardinal Air), but I have a Leo Moon (Fixed Fire) and I’m a Sagittarius Rising (Mutable Fire), Venus in Leo (Fixed Fire)… 

I won’t even get into the placement of each planet in houses here… 

My point that I wish to make in this mini-astrology lesson is that I encourage you to pull charts for the people in your life to understand them and to help you relate to them.

If someone has many planets in their chart which are heavy Fire and Cardinal signs,…. they will likely be bold and adventurous and direct and take action and can sometimes seem volatile or unpredictable or sometimes harsh… they may get easily bored with the same boring routine every day of their life… 

Conversely, if someone has many planets in Fixed and earth Signs… they will love routine and material comforts and will find comfort in that… A heavily weighted fire person may find that boring… 

Earth signs like material and security… Water is emotional… Air is thought… Fire is action… 

There is no “Right” or “Wrong” about any combination of signs… it’s more the fact that each sign has a Light side and a Shadow side … understanding them for who they are and then managing your interpersonal communication with them accordingly. Some aspects will be more compatible than others… but then again, sometimes opposites attract too… 

Understanding the other person and communicating is key.

If you’re interested, you can pull free natal charts here: 

You can also book a birth chart reading with our resident Astrologer Jessica at our shop. More info by clicking here.

Have fun! I hope you find astrology as fascinating as I do (yes, this satiates my Libra Cardinal Air desire to know things 😉)…

Spirituality of Lent

Yesterday marked Ash Wednesday. The first of forty days of Lent. While Lent is a period of devotion for Catholic Christians there’s a spiritual theme that is applicable to any religion or faith. The spirituality of Lent is one of introspection, self reflection, turning within, meeting the ego, and stripping away the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us to get closer to our creator God.

The Lenten period commemorates the time when Jesus fasted in the desert for forty days. Catholic Christians around the world are now conducting their own type of fast. A scroll down Facebook reveals many declarations of what people are “giving up” for Lent. Popular giveaways: sugar, chocolate, coffee, drinking, and even Facebook.

Turn away from the Ego during Lent and get closer to your True Self.

Pope Francis states that Lent is a time to turn to God. To slow down and “give up” all the things that keep us busy and separate from a spiritual life. Surely we can all pay attention to this message. How often are we going non stop! Working an extra hour at the job to get a promotion, driving the kids around, scrolling down Instagram for a few more minutes. All of these actions can be distraction from taking time to pray and connect with our spiritual selves. For Pope Francis’ remarks at the start of this year’s Lent, this is a wonderful read.

The Lenten period is asking us to turn away from busy and to trust. To quiet our constantly thinking minds and pray or meditate. To turn away from feelings of jealousy, of hate, of resentment. What feelings, thoughts and old stories can you “give up” this Lent?

Choose peace. Choose Joy. Choose Love.

Perhaps you can commit to getting closer to your true self, to turn away from your ego mind over the next 40 days and listen to the inner voice of love. Choose love. Choose peace. Connect to the universe and to creation. Recognize your connection to every living thing and those that came before you.

May you have a beautiful Lenten season of self reflection, peace, and joy. If you’d like to join us in meditation and honoring of the beginning of the spring season, we’d love to see you at our Ostara Celebration on March 20th. It’s free!

Psychic Mediumship 101

Always wanted go see a psychic medium? A little nervous? Perhaps you aren’t sure what to expect? We get a lot of questions about psychic mediums at the Apothecary, so here’s a little psychic mediumship 101 so you know what to expect from a reading.

So, what comes to mind when you hear the word psychic? Somewhere in the recesses of my psyche, an image of a gypsy woman in a head wrap staring into a crystal ball comes to view. Just earlier this week I was walking around New York City and laughed at a sandwich board advertising psychic services including “Chaker Cleansing” (it’s Chakra by the way).

One of our goals at Amityville Apothecary is to take the everyday reality of psychic mediumship out of the spiritual closet and away from the seedy recesses of strip malls and bring it into the light.

psychic neon brings back memories and icky feelings

Chances are, you’re psychic too! Seriously. Explained on the most basic level. psychic mediumship is the ability to translate energetic frequencies of souls that have crossed over as well as read the frequencies of the Akashic Records (more about the records HERE).

Have you ever had a random thought just pop into your head? Wake up with a song “playing” over and over in your mind? That could be the result of your brain picking up energetic frequency from another realm!

Think of your brain as a filter, not just a human super computer. Just like we need a radio to pick up the frequency of radio waves in order to hear music, our brains can be tuned to receive and translate the energies that are departed loved ones, thoughts and even feelings of others.

Some psychics can actually hear departed love ones. Others see images in their mind and it is up to them to “translate” them. Still others have physical sensations in their body (such as feeling tightness in their chest when connecting to a crossed-over loved one that passed from a heart condition).

Most psychic mediums need to translate the energy they are tapping into (whether they are hearing, feeling or seeing); in order to do so effectively, they may require yes or no validations during their readings. Instead of trying to hold back information to “test” the psychic, confirm what they are translating so they can follow the thought further. By the way, there are different types of psychic mediums- more information on the different kinds can be found HERE.

If you’re looking for specific information from a psychic medium and don’t receive it- don’t be disappointed. Often times you hear the message you are meant to receive. If you receive a message you weren’t expecting or hear from a departed loved one you aren’t expecting, don’t despair! Know that you are receiving what you need, when you need it!

If you’d like to experience a psychic medium, Amityville Apothecary has a monthly group reading. Every attendee is read in a loving environment that is judgment free. Be sure to visit our event page for details on when readings are held, and be sure to check out our other events too!

Love Yourself

a self-love ritual for Valentine’s Day

Even if you’re part of a couple there’s just so much “stuff” attached to this holiday. Just the thought of the day sends me right back to High School; the panic of not receiving a pink carnation Valentine gram from an admirer (secret or otherwise). The pure envy of watching the popular girls prance down the hallway with what seemed like a wagon full of carnations (did literally the entire school adore them? It certainly seemed so at the time). No wonder why the whole “love yourself” message gets lost on me… the stories of not being worthy of a single carnation still chase me!

This year we should rewrite our Valentine’s Day story. Seriously! Enough revisiting the past and licking old wounds! Whether in a couple or flying solo- the one person we should be writing Shakespearean sonnets to is ourselves.

Self Love. Self Care. I know- over played.. over blogged. But for good reason. We’re terrible to ourselves. The self talk is often nasty and often we put ourselves last. Heck- I know I’m guilty of it.

This week- whether on Valentine’s Day or not- take a moment to celebrate yourself with this simple ritual. And seriously- no excuses- we’re making this simple enough that you can’t say “I don’t have the tools necessary”. And we’re not going to force you to get into a bath either. If taking a bath is your thing- well, by all means, conduct your ritual there. But if you’re like me and you just don’t want to- then don’t!

What You Need:

  • writing instrument of your choice
  • a piece of paper or journal
  • a quiet space- bedroom, bathtub, backyard, living room, or comfy chair. Any place you can relax.

Take some time to write a love letter to yourself.. it doesn’t need to be in narrative. It can just be a list. No excuses. Write down all the reasons why you’re amazing. From the way you snort when you laugh to the way you can see small details and appreciate them. From your excellent cake recipe to your love of cussing and caffeine (ok.. I just described myself)… write it down.

Take a long look at all the things that make you, you! Even if there are some not-so-awesome things.. put them down there.. and give them love. Give them grace. Cause you are deserving of love exactly how you are. Right now.

There is nothing you need to change. You are perfectly you. Deserving of love and grace right in this moment.

So take a moment and write it all down- even if only for five minutes. And marvel in the you, you are. Breathe into the you on the paper. Thank yourself- for showing up. For trying. For making an excellent cup of coffee… for just being a human being in this moment- that’s hard too!

And that’s it-that’s our ritual- if you want to “next-level” it, seal that self-love narrative into some quartz (rose, clear– whatever you have), and allow it to send you love when you need it. If you need help picking a stone, feel free to contact us!

We wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love for yourself. We see you and we love you.

P.S. If you absolutely 100% MUST do the couples thing, Check out this awesome article at

Crystals & Intention Setting

Amityville Apothecary has many beautiful crystals and stones from which to choose. Oftentimes a customer becomes confused, unsure what to select. So, how do you pick?

Crystal experts often say that the crystal chooses you instead of the other way around. Walk around the shop and see what crystals stand out to you. Whether it’s the dazzling colors or otherworldly shapes and patterns that draw you in, each crystal has a unique vibrational energy that works to clear blockages and ward off negative energy. Chances are if you’re attracted to it, there’s a reason behind it.

Finding the right stone is like any practice of wellness. It requires patience while you quiet the mind and realign the mind/body balance. Hold the stone in your hand and quietly think of your intention. Notice if you feel sensations such as hot or cold, pulsations, or calmness and tranquility. These are all signs that this particular rock is perfect for your healing needs.

healing crystals available at Amityville Apothecary

One of the most important, and often overlooked, components to working with healing crystals if setting your intention. In our own words, you have to give your crystal a job and a purpose! Crystals want to work for you, but you have to ask it. In the moments when you’re vibrating at a lower frequency, your intentions can fly out the window. When you reconnect with your crystal, it will help you remember your goals and limitless potential.

So- what to do? Center your body and mind. Take deep, cleansing breaths. Hold your crystal in your palm and just feel into it. Place your crystal over your heart while bringing your intention to mind. Breathe into your heartspace while concentrating on your intention. Feel the emotion connected to what it feels like when your intention comes to be; how will you feel when you find the new job, buy a home, etc.

Once you lock into the feeling, take another deep breath. Then place the crystal over your third eye, and visualize that intention flowing into the stone. Take another deep breath and allow the crystal to remain at your third eye until you feel comfortable removing it.

Bring the crystal back to your heart, with gratitude at the work it will support on your behalf.

If you give this intention setting ritual a try, let us know how you liked it. Of course, if you need help selecting a crystal, or just want to learn more, feel free to visit us at Amityville Apothecary.

If you’re interested in developing the rituals around the crystals you have, we recommend the book Crystal Muse by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro! We have a copy in the shop if you’d like to check it out!