Ritual: bringing the magical into everyday life

Ritual. We get it; the word can trigger some or bring memories to others. How can we harness ritual to bring the magical into our every day life? Further.. why do we even WANT to do that?

Human Beings are ritualistic.

Here’s a funny anecdote: My son (who has Autism) went to the Jets/Giants game yesterday with his Dad. Even though I wasn’t there, I wanted to listen to the game (on the radio- how 3d) to know what was going on; I figured we could chat about it when he got home. Well, imagine my surprise when a radio advert came on discussing how Bigelow Tea was a former player’s “game day ritual”!!

Ritual! It’s all over sports. Watch baseball and you’ll see batters- when at bat- performing the same motions and activities Every. Single. Time. Adjusting gloves, grip, their feet at the plate… pay attention and you’ll see it!

Now, we can’t get into the head of every batter; some may just- on the surface- think what they are doing “brings them luck”. But I bet others undertake the same motions time and time again to get them “in the zone”. In the place where they perform better, where time changes, and where they can make something happen.

That, my friends, is magic and ritual.

Ritual is for everyone and it is in everything (so is magic.. by the way). Ritual is the blowing out of birthday candles, the way we set our table at big meals like Thanksgiving, the honoring of service members on Veteran’s Day at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Ritual gives our lives, our actions, our thoughts and our prayers more meaning and centers us in our busy lives.

You can make your own Ritual- you have permission!

So, how to bring the magical into your every day life? Start with an affirmation or mantra in the morning; journal/free write; ritualize your shower (that’s big for us at the Apothecary- sometimes you only have those 10 minutes- so make them count). Use scent; a drop of Frankincense in your moisturizer every morning is great for your skin- but it’s also a wonderful Ritual to bring yourself into the present moment and into gratitude.

Ritual in the Liminal Space.

Hold Up- what’s Liminal Space anyway? By definition: it is the “middle stage” in a right of passage; you’re not who you were.. but you’re not who you want to become, either. Thinking about this- our entire life is sorta of Liminal, isn’t it? We live this human experience to give growth to our souls; not who we were at birth, but not who we will fully be as we transition out of our current human experience, either.

Wait- why did I being Liminal Space into the mix, anyway? Well, because by creating ritual we are bringing importance to and anchoring ourselves in the growth we want to call in. Whether connected to any of the “big three” (abundance, love, protection) or any other state- we use ritual to amplify.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry- we got you, boo.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry- we got you. Deborah Globus (La Padre) is leading a class on ritual at the shop (click here for deets). Or- feel free to connect with us for one-on-one conversation and coaching, Either way- we’re here for you and cannot wait to hear all about your rituals (past, present and future).

Developing Intuitive Gifts

One of the advantages of developing your intuitive gifts (psychic & mediumistic) is that you learn how to recognize messages and signs you are already receiving but may not realize.

Name that tune?

A common way our loved ones in Spirit reach out to us is by sending us a song. All of a sudden we have a song repeating in our mind. People often comment they have a particular song stuck in their head but many do not realize that it could be the very answer they have been seeking.

The song may be one you would connect to a loved one and it is their calling card to let you know they are around. Songs are more effective sometimes because we routinely dismiss random thoughts popping through our mind but will allow and focus upon a song.

For example, on more than one occasion my father has sent the song, “My funny Valentine” to my medium friends who I am with. His name is Valentine.

Let it be?

Alternatively the song could be an answer to a question or a decision you need to make. I often receive the Beatles song, “Let it be” when I have sought guidance about whether to take a particular action. When I receive this song, it is an answer to hold off at this time.

There are many other ways the Spirit world can send messages or use symbols to convey answers to you. Developing your intuitive gifts often enables you to recognize these messages. 

If you’d like to further develop your gifts, consider attending our upcoming psychic mediumship development workshop in July! If a workshop isn’t for you, but you’d like to speak to a psychic, come to our monthly group readings!

This blog brought to you by Winter Brook, psychic medium. For more information on her services, please visit her website at: winterbrookmedium.com

Psychic Mediumship 101

Always wanted go see a psychic medium? A little nervous? Perhaps you aren’t sure what to expect? We get a lot of questions about psychic mediums at the Apothecary, so here’s a little psychic mediumship 101 so you know what to expect from a reading.

So, what comes to mind when you hear the word psychic? Somewhere in the recesses of my psyche, an image of a gypsy woman in a head wrap staring into a crystal ball comes to view. Just earlier this week I was walking around New York City and laughed at a sandwich board advertising psychic services including “Chaker Cleansing” (it’s Chakra by the way).

One of our goals at Amityville Apothecary is to take the everyday reality of psychic mediumship out of the spiritual closet and away from the seedy recesses of strip malls and bring it into the light.

psychic neon brings back memories and icky feelings

Chances are, you’re psychic too! Seriously. Explained on the most basic level. psychic mediumship is the ability to translate energetic frequencies of souls that have crossed over as well as read the frequencies of the Akashic Records (more about the records HERE).

Have you ever had a random thought just pop into your head? Wake up with a song “playing” over and over in your mind? That could be the result of your brain picking up energetic frequency from another realm!

Think of your brain as a filter, not just a human super computer. Just like we need a radio to pick up the frequency of radio waves in order to hear music, our brains can be tuned to receive and translate the energies that are departed loved ones, thoughts and even feelings of others.

Some psychics can actually hear departed love ones. Others see images in their mind and it is up to them to “translate” them. Still others have physical sensations in their body (such as feeling tightness in their chest when connecting to a crossed-over loved one that passed from a heart condition).

Most psychic mediums need to translate the energy they are tapping into (whether they are hearing, feeling or seeing); in order to do so effectively, they may require yes or no validations during their readings. Instead of trying to hold back information to “test” the psychic, confirm what they are translating so they can follow the thought further. By the way, there are different types of psychic mediums- more information on the different kinds can be found HERE.

If you’re looking for specific information from a psychic medium and don’t receive it- don’t be disappointed. Often times you hear the message you are meant to receive. If you receive a message you weren’t expecting or hear from a departed loved one you aren’t expecting, don’t despair! Know that you are receiving what you need, when you need it!

If you’d like to experience a psychic medium, Amityville Apothecary has a monthly group reading. Every attendee is read in a loving environment that is judgment free. Be sure to visit our event page for details on when readings are held, and be sure to check out our other events too!