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Owner 3

Dina Shingleton


Offering Reiki, Tibetan Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing and Intuitive Entrepreneurial Business Consulting

Monday through Sunday by Appointment

Dina is co-founder of Amityville Apothecary. She’s an intuitive, hands-on energy healer with training in Reiki, Tibetan Sound Therapy, and Crystal Healing (laying on of stones). She offers any one of those treatments as a stand-alone service, but creates something truly unique by combining all three modalities into an all-in-one treatment to truly harmonise mind, body and soul. As Dina conducts her sessions intuitively, each session is different in nature and in focus.

Dina’s mission is to aide her clients in identifying and processing their “trigger points”; those old emotional wounds we live with that create repeat lessons (opportunities) for growth. It is in the release of these emotional patterns and triggers that we are truly able to grow.

With a MBA in Entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses in her wheelhouse, Dina is no stranger to start-ups, family-owned small businesses, and marketing strategies on a budget. Combining her education, business acumen, and intuition, Dina will help you get clear on how to launch, grow, or develop your business so it is in alignment with not only your highest good, but the greatest good of your clients and employees as well.

Dina is a busy mom of four that completely understands the difficulty practicing self-care when called to care for others. The Ocean (specifically Town of Babylon’s Overlook Beach) is her favorite place to bliss-out. She loves to cook, entertain, and serve others via local volunteerism.


Owner 1

Danielle Martin


Offering Reiki and Intuitive Transformation Life Coaching

Monday through Sunday by Appointment

Danielle is co-owner of Amityville Apothecary, a Master Reiki Healer, and a Transformative Life Coach. It’s her life mission and passion to share beauty, love, light, and healing with the world. By helping and healing others, as well as raising the consciousness of those she connects with, Danielle believes a ripple effect of positive change is created. This change is desperately needed now, more than ever.

Danielle’s excited to get to know more about you, your story, and what you want to focus on. As part of her Reiki and Life Coaching sessions you’ll work together to remove what no longer serves and make room for all you want to welcome into your life; it’s that simple!

After 20+  years of corporate life, Danielle realized life is too short to not be living in alignment with her authentic truth. With the stress of corporate America in the rear-view, Danielle cherishes everyday moments with her two kids and their cat. She knows happiness can be reclaimed- and she cannot wait to show you the way.

Puppy looking out door

Meet our newest healer: ruby!

Ruby is Amityville Apothecary's four-legged lightworker! A true Southern girl and a Scorpio, she's a golden retriever, cocker spaniel mix! She's full of love and greets everyone that comes to visit the Shoppe!