Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Everyone wants to know- how do you go about surviving Mercury Retrograde?

The final mercury retrograde of this year- and this decade- begins on October 31st- how do you go about surviving Mercury Retrograde? When most people hear Mercury Retrograde is coming back around they’re filled with dread and apprehension. 

At the shop we hear many tales of communication mishaps and technology blunders- heck, we experience them ourselves too!

And while Mercury Retrograde can be extremely annoying- it does force us to do something really important:


Twenty First Century Life is break-neck. How many of us are shuffling multiple smart devices and a to-do list that is rolled up like toilet paper? I know we’re guilty of it at the Apothecary, too.

In waltzes Mercury Retrograde on October 31st right at the same time as Samhain- the last harvest of the year- to beg us to slow down.. to take stock of our year.. and breathe.

What’s Samhain?

Samhain (pronounced sah-win) marks the turn of the Great Wheel of Time towards darkness and the beginning of a new spiritual year. Samhain calls us to look at the work of the prior year; we tended our inner world- our realm of emotions; we planted seeds fo r what we wanted; we did the hard work and heavy lifting; and finally we harvested our rewards.

Taking Stock of the year.

Some of what we planned for the year didn’t come to pass; maybe we had high hopes but what we wished and hoped for wasn’t in the cards for us. So, maybe this Samhain there is celebration for what did happen and mourning for what didn’t. That is totally okay- give yourself space to feel all the feels.

Go within, and sweet the inner corners of your ego…

As we turn to darkness once again- perfectly timed with Mercury Retrograde- the message is: go within and sweep the inner corners of your ego, your consciousness, and your subconscious. The great work of this lifetime is shining light into the inner recesses and integrating the lessons you learn there.

What are your trigger traps?

And.. if Mercury Retrograde triggers you with mishaps and miscommunications- pay attention and learn; Mercury Retrograde can be a great teacher if we stay calm and pay attention of what is triggering us and why.

There’s usually great clues in our triggers: what we need to work on, what needs to be addressed, and where past pain needs to be integrated- they are in our triggers.

Get those journals out!

Perhaps keep a special Retrograde Journal this go around- it’s an excellent opportunity to integrate some tough lessons the last few weeks of 2019 and this decade. (If you’re local perhaps you can join us at one of our journal groups- November 14th and December 12th)

In the meantime, we put together a collection of crystals to make this cycle a little easier which is available for purchase online or in store.

Crystals for Surviving Mercury Retrograde
Crystals for Surviving Mercury Retrograde


Incredibly grounding, rely on Hematite to anchor you to the Earth (hold hematite in your hand and feel its weight) and pull any negativity away from you and towards the Earth’s core.

Golden Sheen Obsidian

Traditional obsidian is a wonderful stone for scrying- peering with relaxed gaze into a stone or crystal and allowing images to come up through the subconscious. Golden Sheen Obsidian has a beautiful shimmer to it; reminding us to always look for light in the darkness (or joy in sadness).

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a soothing stone that aids in easing communication, allowing you to speak your truth from the heart. 


Just looking at chrysocolla you think water and coolness; for the heart it helps ease heartache, imparts strength and balance and increases the capacity to love. For the throat it balances expression and helps us understand that sometimes silence is golden. 


Selenite is a high vibration crystal that is cleansing, clearing, and protective. This crystal provides clarity, and as such is especially useful during Retrograde and the darker half of the year.

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate is the bear hug of the crystals included in this selection; it helps overcome depression, it alleviates obsessive mental thoughts and destructive though patterns. Work with Botswana Agate to stabilize your energy when the outside world is helter-skelter.


Carry them on you in the provided pouch, place them on your desk or other area of work/production. Place the pouch under your pillow, meditate with your crystals! By keeping the crystals near your physical body, you are allowing their frequency to elevate your own! 

If you need additional help with keeping calm this retrograde- perhaps you would benefit from a reiki or crystal healing session? Learn more about our sessions by following this link or by calling us at 631.464.4589.

Astrological Compatibility

I’d like to make an astrological dating suggestion (applicable to ALL relationships actually related to compatibility and understanding others… (it’s called Synastry, in astrology)… 

This will help you understand how a person acts, thinks, operates… so you can better know their strengths and potential weaknesses, which are rooted in their astrology… An Astrology Natal Chart (Birth chart) is a Blueprint to your Soul… it really helps you understand people 

Each zodiac sign is associated with an element (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) and a Modality (Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed)…. 


– Cardinal signs are “starters”… get things going. Think of a sprinter out of the gate with a burst of energy… (known to lose momentum after things get started… ready to pass on to next)
– Mutable signs are malleable and flexible and adjustable to different situations, go with the flow…
– Fixed signs don’t like to change. They can be stubborn and find comfort in routine and security, they do not like changes… (great, dependable worker bees, dependable, reliable)… 


– Fire signs: passionate, action oriented sign often expressive and bold and simply “fiery”…
– Air signs are the thinkers and the intellectuals/cerebral people who’s mind is always going and yearns to understand and know and learn 
– Earth signs are grounded and stable, they like stability, dependability, rational understanding, material comfort and rewards. Tangible evidence
– Water signs rule emotions… They feel things deeply

There are Ten planets which are in charge of different parts of your personality. For example: 

– Sun represents your sense of self, the core essence of who you are
– Your Ascendant is known as your “Rising sign”, which is how the world sees you at first impression… it’s how you present to the world… the mask you wear…. 
– Mercury rules how you communicate
– Saturn is the planet of discipline and structure
– Moon rules your emotions and how you are at your most vulnerable and your shadow side 
– Venus represents Love

Each planet has a different “personality” which is the associated zodiac sign.

So, my Sun is Libra (Cardinal Air), but I have a Leo Moon (Fixed Fire) and I’m a Sagittarius Rising (Mutable Fire), Venus in Leo (Fixed Fire)… 

I won’t even get into the placement of each planet in houses here… 

My point that I wish to make in this mini-astrology lesson is that I encourage you to pull charts for the people in your life to understand them and to help you relate to them.

If someone has many planets in their chart which are heavy Fire and Cardinal signs,…. they will likely be bold and adventurous and direct and take action and can sometimes seem volatile or unpredictable or sometimes harsh… they may get easily bored with the same boring routine every day of their life… 

Conversely, if someone has many planets in Fixed and earth Signs… they will love routine and material comforts and will find comfort in that… A heavily weighted fire person may find that boring… 

Earth signs like material and security… Water is emotional… Air is thought… Fire is action… 

There is no “Right” or “Wrong” about any combination of signs… it’s more the fact that each sign has a Light side and a Shadow side … understanding them for who they are and then managing your interpersonal communication with them accordingly. Some aspects will be more compatible than others… but then again, sometimes opposites attract too… 

Understanding the other person and communicating is key.

If you’re interested, you can pull free natal charts here: 

You can also book a birth chart reading with our resident Astrologer Jessica at our shop. More info by clicking here.

Have fun! I hope you find astrology as fascinating as I do (yes, this satiates my Libra Cardinal Air desire to know things 😉)…