Developing Intuitive Gifts

One of the advantages of developing your intuitive gifts (psychic & mediumistic) is that you learn how to recognize messages and signs you are already receiving but may not realize.

Name that tune?

A common way our loved ones in Spirit reach out to us is by sending us a song. All of a sudden we have a song repeating in our mind. People often comment they have a particular song stuck in their head but many do not realize that it could be the very answer they have been seeking.

The song may be one you would connect to a loved one and it is their calling card to let you know they are around. Songs are more effective sometimes because we routinely dismiss random thoughts popping through our mind but will allow and focus upon a song.

For example, on more than one occasion my father has sent the song, “My funny Valentine” to my medium friends who I am with. His name is Valentine.

Let it be?

Alternatively the song could be an answer to a question or a decision you need to make. I often receive the Beatles song, “Let it be” when I have sought guidance about whether to take a particular action. When I receive this song, it is an answer to hold off at this time.

There are many other ways the Spirit world can send messages or use symbols to convey answers to you. Developing your intuitive gifts often enables you to recognize these messages. 

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