Keeping Stress at bay during times of anxiety

Times have been unpredictable- that’s for sure. How do we keep stress at bay during times of anxiety?.

Every day the news, or just reports from neighbors and our own experiences, can create a sense of anxiety and hopelessness. We are fully aware that we are not in control of anything beyond our own immediate day-to-day actions.

We’ve heard from many of you that anxiety is creeping in, and it’s no wonder with the total lack of control we have- from grocery shopping to home schooling to worry about our jobs (or being let go from one). 

Anxiety and fear are normal human responses.

It is OK to feel scared and nervous. It’s normal and healthy to feel all these feelings (and have a good cry about it). But- we also need to maintain our physical health at this time.. and too much stress can compromise our immune system.

Here’s a quick meditation tip to limit anxiety and fear from taking over your physiological response (fight or flight).

Just like our brain sends fight or flight responses to our body, shortening our breath and accelerating our heart rate, our lungs can send signs back to our brain that all is well.

Take a minute to connect to your breath. Breathe deeply and fully into your belly. Allow your belly to fill with your breath. Resist any urge to hold your belly in. Let it be soft and relaxed.

‘Try and lengthen your inhale and exhale.

Inhale…2…3…4… exhale…2…3…4. Maybe after a few rounds at a count of 4, you can increase your inhale and exhale to 5 and then 6.

Perhaps while you’re breathing you can begin to add some affirmation:

In this moment I am safe. In this moment I am healthy. In this moment I am loved.

Continue your practice for 3 or 4 minutes, notice how you feel and how your anxiety has lessened. 

We hope this simple breathing and meditation tip helps you. Keeping stress and anxiety at bay during difficult times is not easy. You’re allowed to feel scared and anxious, if you weren’t, would you even be human? But- continue to connect to your breath, and know that you are here, you are held, you are safe and you are not alone.

If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, perhaps some distance reiki could help; contact us by clicking here for more information, or clicking here to see descriptions of all the virtual services we offer.

be well and stay safe.

Crystals for Anxiety and Uncertainty

I think we’re all in a state of shock right now, or at the very least feeling disassociated amidst the current COVID-19 crisis. And while we certainly don’t have any answers here at Amityville Apothecary, what we do have are tools for support; so here’s our list of crystals for anxiety and uncertainty.


Lepidolite is a lithium-rich mica; it’s very soft (MOHS 2.5-3.5) and grows in stacks (or sheets) that can be picked apart with your finger nail. Lepidolite is excellent to combat anxiety and brings a soothing energy. We love to place lepidolite on our third-eye while taking deep belly breaths to connect to the present moment. It’s a wonderful way to re-set and restore when we’re feeling a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in our lives.

lepidolite crystal angel for anxiety and uncertainty
lepidolite angels for peace and calming


A beautiful grounding stone, Garnet reminds us to have joy in our physical body while alleviating panic, fear, and worry. Working with the energy of garnet allows us to perceive the support of the Universe during difficult times while providing a calm connection to the present. Garnet is a beautiful crystal to keep with you in your pockets or to wear in jewelry.

Black Onyx

When there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, Black Onyx helps prevent drain of personal energy. It’s a wonderful crystal to absorb and transform negativity and brings strength and stamina during times of stress, confusion and grief.


A stone of the upper chakras, Scolecite fosters connection with the angelic realms and spirit (those of the highest of good and greatest of love). Work with Scolecite to facilitate inner peace and transformation while supporting calm and peace. We absolutely adore keeping Scolecite in our bedroom (under the pillow or on the bedside table) to facilitate restful sleep.

scolecite palm stone crystal for anxiety and uncertainty
scolecite palm to foster peace


Need to calm your mind? Focus your meditation or prayer practice? Look to Howlite to foster a decrease in stress and anxiety while providing the strength to let go of unhealthy attachments and emotional pains that no longer serve you. Howlite is also an excellent stone to combat insomnia (which, let’s face it, is pretty common right about now).

Remember, we’re all in this together and you are not alone!

We hope these crystals for anxiety and uncertainty support you and bring you peace. Remember where ever you are, that you are not alone (even if you physically are). We are all in this together and we will over come this.

If you’re looking for additional support during these difficult times, please know our readers and life coaches are available for virtual appointments; contact us by clicking here and we’ll continue to get through this together.